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I guess you can call this a blog.

I am currently a Technician class Amateur Radio Operator. I received my ham license on June 19, 2001 after several years of interest in the hobby.

I am also a HUGE scanner buff (junky). I have several scanners running at the house, a couple in my pick up truck, and usually have at least one attached to my belt if I am out and about.

I also host an on-line scanner feed for the fire departments in Stark County. You can log on and listen to this feed anytime, 24/7 by clicking on the Live Scanner Audio link on the left of this page, and clicking one of the links found there. Also there is some information about the feeds including pics of the equipment used to feed. 

On June 22, 2008 Katrina (kc8zwj) and I were married after being together for almost 6 years. Also we are the proud parents of Anthony James born July 21, 2008. A daughter, Justice Marie who is almost 15 now completes the family. 

 If you would like to see some pics from the wedding reception, please go to the link posted above the amber alert ticker. Thanks to Jason (kc8lin), Matt (k8mat), and Alan (n8mye) for taking all the pics and video at the reception. When we can afford to buy the pics from the wedding I will put them up also.



6-14-2013 Update -- Back in June 2010 we moved from the Canton South area to the NE end of Canton.  We got a nicer place for just a little more money per month.  Not a real great area, but was a good deal.  

Still working like crazy, too many hours a week to keep track of. not working at 911 dispatch anymore, took a promotion at the security company i work for. I have been the Road Patrol Supervisor for some time now (going around at night checking accounts and officers) and was recently given the position of Assistant Director of Operations.

i completed the EMT-B training program i was in and started the Paramedic program at Stark State College, however due to restrictions in time with both work and an issue at home at the time, i was forced to put that on hold for now. Trina was also going thru the program with me and was able to successfully complete it. 

i am also part of a volunteer origination in the area called the Ohio Courtesy Patrol. We are a Non-profit group designed to assist stranded or disabled motorists with free (donations accepted) services such as tire changes, jump starts, gas delivery (the motorist pays for the gas, no delivery charge) and simply sitting behind a disabled vehicle along the interstate with the light bar on to protect them from getting hit while waiting for a tow truck.


For more information please visit

so between family, work, OCP, and my small business, i stay busy to say the least.

As always, thank you for visiting my site, have a good day, and BE SAFE!!!


73's to all from the KC8RSR radio room.

And as always GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

Wedding Reception

these are pics of the radio room from the place i was living in canton south.  i will try to get some updated pics of the new office up asap.



This site has been a work in progress since i created it. Changes and updates are made as I have time. Please be patient and check back frequently.